The momentum is building!

Below you will find a few comments from fans and music industry professionals regarding Jim Chesnut’s expanding body of work:

Regarding Jim’s single, What Got in the Way? (2021 Remix)

Mary Branson, San Antonio, Texas: “I have listened to it many times throughout the day.  I think most adults relate to the lyrics on some level.  I know I do.  The lyrics brought the tears and your beautiful voice brought the goosebumps! I love it!!” (March 2021)

Theresa Robinson, San Antonio, Texas: “Fabulous song!!” (March 2021)

J. F., San Antonio, Texas: “We really liked the song – terrific arrangement, vocal & video!” (March 2021).


Julia Borrero, San Antonio, Texas: “Loved his music and great sense of humor. He is consistently talented and shares with the audience his humanity.” (October 2019)


Referring to Jim’s recent indie country chart successes, Ron Lee from Peyton, Colorado, wrote, “You earned those positions on the charts. it doesn’t just happen. You are a highly inspired songwriter and superb performer” (June 2019).


From publicist Phyllis Stark (October 2018): I am one of the originals of the Buffalo Grass Acoustic Society in Peyton, Colorado. I set up the original website and I write the headliner blurbs for the website. . .

“I’ll tell you upfront. This write-up about Jim Chesnut is completely biased.   I like his music.  I like his voice.  I like his choice of songs.  I like the lyrics.  I like his guitar accompaniment.  I like everything he will present on the BGAS stage on September 21st. Jim has discovered the soul of authentic country music and he has the goods to reveal it. Jim says, ‘Country music is a great canvas for musically painting the human story.’

“Believe me, each and every song he sings is a beautiful painting.  Jim has focused on encouraging and uplifting people since his bout with cancer in 2017.  He came to a deeper understanding of the human condition and now finds a new purpose in his songwriting. Jim grew up in Midland, Texas.

“His mother sent him to piano lessons when he was in the first grade and he studied it for several years . . . he was influenced by the music of the First United  Methodist Church he attended.  In college he worked at radio stations and tentatively began writing songs.  As it happened the stations he worked for played country music and he began to meet people in the industry. Encouraged to go to Nashville he was signed by Acuff Rose Music – a great feat. Some professional and emotional missteps caused him to leave singing for almost 3 decades.

“Jim is back though. Some say he’s better than ever.   I say, ‘He has always been great!’ Our booking dude has been courting Jim for over three years trying to convince him to make a Colorado tour. . . This is a ‘must see’ show.  I repeat: must see.”


From Music Director Kathy Forste KC Cafe Radio in Kansas City regarding Jim’s new album (September 2018): I Sure Do Miss My Hair is a collection of ten songs by one of country music’s all-time greatest singers and songwriters.


From Music Row Magazine (May 10, 2018):

DISClaimer receives a blast from the past this week by Nashville insider Robert K. Oermann:

“It’s the 1980s all over again as Gene Watson, Karen Tobin, Gail Davies and Jim Chesnut all pop up with vibrant new sounds . . . Chesnut had a flurry of chart activity in the late ’70s and early ’80s on ABC, MCA, UA and Liberty. Now back in his native Texas, he has a new, ‘golden-years’ CD titled I Sure Do Miss My Hair. Its lead single is a lively two-step about still rocking while sliding into old age.”


From Rowena Muldavin, Heartland Public Radio (May 2018):

“I’ve been doing Country radio for quite a while.  It’s a mix of new and old with an emphasis on independent artists who are simply not on Nashville’s radar.  From the first note and lyric to the last on Jim’s latest album, I Sure Do Miss My Hair, I was nothing less than mesmerized by each song.  What a stunning talent he is! “It’s an honor to play you on my show.  We have as many or more listeners overseas than here in the U.S., and I know they’ll love you as much as I do!”


From Townsend Miller, Austin American Statesman (Fall 1981): “The more I listen to Jim Chesnut sing, the more convinced I am that he has all the makings of a major star. . . . Jim moved to Austin this year, and I can’t understand why local clubs don’t book him more often. The same goes for the area’s newest national star, George Strait of San Marcos.”