What's Next, Jim?

July 23, 2018

My take-away from this experience is that life has at least two components, journey and destination.

In my youth and during my years in Nashville, I was driven by an unquenchable thirst for destination. I failed to enjoy the journey back then, and to be honest, throughout midlife and beyond, I did the same thing to a lesser degree up until the cancer diagnosis.

It was during those treatment months that I began to realize that life is richer when one can stop and smell the flowers, or in my case, stop and smell the music. I’m allergic to most flowers.

So, what’s next for me is a journey; one that I am thoroughly enjoying, no matter how long it may last.

The first stop on my journey was to complete a new album titled I Sure Do Miss My Hair, which I have done. It was a challenging experience. And, so far, industry reactions have been positive.

From Kathy Forste, KC Cafe Radio (May 2018):

"Jim is a true artist who believes the song is the most important thing. Jim has the uncanny ability to deliver a great vocal to a terrific lyric and bring the song to life."

From Rowena Muldavin, Heartland Public Radio (May 2018):

"I've been doing Country radio for quite a while.  It's a mix of new and old with an emphasis on independent artists who are simply not on Nashville's radar.  From the first note and lyric to the last on Jim's latest album, I Sure Do Miss My Hair, I was nothing less than mesmerized by each song.  What a stunning talent he is!

"It's an honor to play you on my show.  We have as many or more listeners overseas than here in the U.S., and I know they'll love you as much as I do!"

Yes, 2017 presented some bumps in my journey. The first, obviously, was my illness. With a drop in energy, I had to work in short bursts and took lots of naps.

Second, I had major equipment failures in the studio including critical mixing and monitoring units. But, I kept saying, “Grasshopper, life is about the journey not the destination.”

I believe that we can have a desired outcome (destination) only if we have a pleasant journey.

Now that the album is completed, I will move on to the next stop on my journey, which is to change the nature of my public performances. I plan to collaborate with a few nonprofit organizations to perform in events that raise awareness and funds to help them enjoy their journeys and have positive outcomes.