And, the Fan of the Century Award goes to . . .

Ann Arnhart from Forth Worth, Texas

This has to be among the Top-Ten music fan stories ever told. Jerry Chesnut, a well-known songwriter in Tennessee received the following email request and forwarded it to Jim.

Hello Mr. Chesnut!
After seeing an article in one of the recent Country Weekly magazines about your song "It's Been a Good Year for the Roses" sung by George Jones, I decided I would try to contact you about a song I heard on the radio in the early 1980's while traveling to Nacogdoches, TX.  The title was Bedroom Stories and I thought they said the singer/composer was Jim Chesnut, but I'm wondering if it might have been one of your compositions.  It was a great song and has haunted my memory all these years.
Might this have been you?  Or if it isn't one of yours, do you know a Jim Chesnut who could have written and sung such a song?  I've tried to locate this in the various places in Nashville such as the Country Music Foundation, BMI, ASCAP, SESAC, and the Library of Country Music, but haven't been able to find it.  I guess you might say that I've been on a quest to find this record.  It was so beautifully written, it sounds like something you would have done.
Please let me hear from you!
Ann Arnhart
Fort Worth, TX

Jim contacted Ann by phone, and she and three of her friends attended Jim's recent concert in San Antonio, where he presented her with a copy of Bedtime Stories (written by Larry Henley & Chester Lester) and Pick Up the Pieces, the "B" side of the original single.

"Wow. What an experience," he said. "I need to be reminded from time to time just how music can impact someone's life. It's not often you find someone willing to search for a song or singer for 26 years, and then travel several hundred miles to hear that person she barely even heard of! It's this kind of thing that makes the madness of the music business worthwhile."

Spring Concert Series: A Great Success!

March 2007 marked the official return to performing as a professional for Jim Chesnut. The first of his concerts was held in Menard, Texas, followed by one in San Antonio.

Chesnut's show is entitled Country Classics and is a selection of country standards mixed with several of his original songs from The Nashville Years: Volumes One and Two, his new CDs containing most of his recordings made in Nashville in the late 1970s and early 1980s. In addition, he performs selections from his latest CD, "Reflections" that is available at CD Baby (

JJim puts everything he has into a performance, and his audiences are captivated by his music. House Concerts offer the performer and audience an intimate connection not possible in any other setting. They often include shared potluck meals that promote true fellowship among all who attend. Click here if you are interested in hosting one of Jim's House Concerts in your home, church or favorite hangout.

Comments from Attendees

What a nice evening you provided for us!  I’ve heard nothing but glowing comments about your talent, your entertaining and sincere ways of transitioning between songs, your humor…  It just goes on and on!  So thank you so much for the lovely time and the $$$ for our building fund. 

--Mary Hitch, President
Comal County Unitarian Universalist Society
New Braunfels, TX

We attended the January 19th concert and were smitten! 
Have been trying to contact you ever since.  We felt driven to do so, because we've been playing your songs from the CD's we bought, and we love your music.  We celebrate your philosophy and are inclined to become loyal fans.
Thanks, Jim, for a lovely evening and music that will enhance our happy hours for years to come. 

 --Mary and John Powell


Wonderful, fantastic!!! A great way to spend an evening. Thanks for sharing with us. Loved all the songs!

--Glenda Blakeslee, San Antonio

This just blows me away. Your voice control is amazing.

--Ann Arnhart, Ft. Worth

I didn't come here thinking I would cry, but I did.

--Gloria Wallace, San Antonio


Really enjoyed your concert! Put me on your email list.

-- Marlene Briner, New Braunfels


I would like to keep in touch with your music endeavors. You did a great job. Good entertainment!

-- Bob Karabinus, New Braunfels


I REALLY enjoyed your music. Thanks for putting soul, simplicity and sincerity back in music.

-- Greg, Hurst, Texas


Great voice!

-- Erica Wylie, Hurst, Texas


Jim, love your voice and music -- awesome. Keep it up!

-- Carl & Laura Lemmons, Hurst, Texas


Terrific job!

-- Ed Kearn, San Antonio, Texas


Really enjoyed your music. I hope you can come back.

-- Shelly Hurd, Owner of Cora's 471 Grill, Castroville, Texas