A Brief Bio

Jim Chesnut has had four consecutive national Top-5 indie country singles, including three that made it to #1 since January 2016, according to IndieWorld Country Record Report (IWCRR). His first self-released single of 2016, Lost and Found Love, became the nationís #1 indie country record in late May 2016. His second single, True Love Is a Dance in Three Quarter Time hit #1 in late October 2016. The third single, A Little More You and a Little Less Me, was released in early November 2016 and reached #1 on March 10, 2l017. Circuit Rider peaked at #4 in September in IWCRR and remained #8 in the Euro Academy of Country Music Top-20 chart for several weeks.

His 2016 and current album, This Guy Sings!, is his fourth self-produced CD since 2008. He has found his place as a true country artist in the spectrum of country music performers that exists today. Chesnut is a seasoned country Texas singer-songwriter who has appeared with such greats as Willie Nelson, Charley Pride, Rodney Crowell, Tom T. Hall, Bobby Bare, and many others. When Charley Pride endorsed Chesnutís first album on ABC/Hickory Records, Let Me Love You Now, in 1977 he said, ď. . . My prediction is that Jim will make a big impact on the music industry.Ē Despite Prideís prediction, ten Billboard Top 100 hits, including two in the Top 40, Chesnutís career trumpet was muted in the early 1980s when he left Nashville and returned home to Texas.

Battered emotionally by divorce and the changing landscape in Nashville and country music, he began a new career in marketing communications and stayed away from the music industry for 26 years. But, heís back and blowing that trumpet better than ever. With the help of Bill Wence Promotions, Chesnut has established himself as a re-discovered true country singer/songwriter in national secondary market radio music playlists.

In 2015, his Another Day in the Life of a Fool debuted at #1 in Roots Music Reportís (RMR) True Country Singles Chart and remained in the top five for several weeks.

 In 2014, Chesnutís CD, Troubadours and Dreamers, was listed as a Top-30 album for the year in the Roots Music Report (RMR) True Country Album Chart, with the single, Oklahoma Morning, reaching #6 in RMRís True Country Singles Chart and #10 in the New Music Weekly Country Singles Chart. In December 2013, his single, Get Aboard a Catamaran, reached #12 in the New Music Weekly indie and country charts.

In his early career, Jim Chesnut thrilled music industry insiders and audiences across the nation with his songwriting and vocal talent. Wesley Rose, President of Acuff-Rose Music, Inc., signed him, in part, because Roy Acuff was willing to allow Jim to take his place on the full roster at Hickory Records (distributed at the time by MGM).

Charley Pride was the first major artist to record and release a Chesnut song (Oklahoma Morning) shortly before Jim was signed as an exclusive staff writer for Acuff-Rose, the firm that produced such songwriting greats as Hank Williams, Mickey Newbury, Eddy Raven,  Don Gibson, Roy Orbison and The Everly Brothers.

From that point, Chesnut, in what proved to be an unwise career decision, reserved all of his material for his own use as a recording artist. He wrote most of the songs for the ten Billboard top 100 singles and two albums he released in the late 1970s and early 1980s. One of those songs, Show Me a Sign, was nominated for a Grammy by his label in 1979.

While in Nashville, Chesnut was respresented by Bob Neal (Elvis Presley's first manager) and the venerable William Morris Agency. He performed in many states, mostly east of the Mississippi River from the Great Lakes, over to New Jersey, down to Florida, through Georgia and Alabama, west to Texas, and up through Oklahoma, Kansas and Iowa.

Chesnut's emerging career was muted in the early 1980s. After his five years of chart successes, Chesnut left Nashville and returned to Texas to deal with alcohol addiction. Now,  more than 35-years-sober and after a successful career in marketing communications, he is writing and recording like never before.

As a songwriter, Chesnut is focused on telling the human story . . . a story that includes marriage, divorce, infidelity, death, faith gained and lost, joy, sadness, hope, despair, etc. He believes that a good story is essential to building a loyal audience. 

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