Brd shot

Current Discography

Since early 2016 Jim Chesnut has had eight consecutive national Top-10 indie country original songs from two self-released albums, This Guy Sings and I Sure Do Miss My Hair. Six made it to #1, according to IndieWorld Country Record Report (IWCRR).

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CD 01 Cover Panel

Musical History

Jim got his start in San Angelo, Texas, where he worked for KCTV television as a weatherman and weekend anchor. Benny Bellamy, a country music radio station manager heard Jim sing in public and introduced him to a local Holiday Inn manager.

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Smile and Cap WP

What's Next, Jim?

In mid-summer 2017, I found a malignant tumor under my tongue. I immediately cancelled all performances for the rest of the year and concentrated on surviving chemo and radiation, which went well.

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